Vieques is an island–municipality of Puerto Rico (U.S.) in the northeastern Caribbean, part of an island grouping sometimes known as the Spanish Virgin Islands. Vieques is part of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, and retains strong influences from 400 years of Spanish presence in the island.

Vieques lies about 8 miles (13 km) east of the Puerto Rican mainland, and measures about 21 miles (34 km) long by 4 miles (6 km) wide. Its most populated barrio is Isabel Segunda (sometimes written "Isabel II"), the administrative center on the northern side of the island. The population of Vieques was 9,301 at the 2010 Census.

The island's name is a Spanish spelling of an American Indian word (likely Taíno) said to mean "small island". It also has the nickname "Isla Nena", usually translated from the Spanish as "Little Girl Island", alluding to its perception as Puerto Rico's little sister.


Hurricane Maria

Hurricane Maria landed in Vieques on September 20th, 2017. In its wake, Maria left Vieques with very little left. Beaches and homes have been completely destroyed. Residents wait in lines in over 90 degree heat for access to satellite phones in the town square to have any kind of communication with family and friends off the island. All supplies have been frozen. The airport is without radar and most of the planes have been totaled onto the sides of the runway. Ferry service, the primary transportation to and from Vieques, has been effectively halted stranding all residents and visitors to the island. The situation on Vieques is extremely dire. Read More...

We’re running out of food and water. We lost everything.
— Vieques Resident

The Fund

The Isla Nena Relief Fund was inspired by the island's natural beauty. Home to over a dozen beaches, one of the largest bioluminescent bays in the world, green sea turtle nests, and the largest protected natural reserve in all of Puerto Rico, Vieques is truly a magical place. However, that magic is under constant threat. Its fragile enviornment has been victim to financial and ecological constraints. This donor-advised fund will donate to causes to rebuild and relieve the efforts already established to protect this beautiful island from the damage of Hurricane Maria and beyond.